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  • Totally Hand Built
  • Exceptional fuel economy
  • The First and Only Aluminum Reinforced NO Rot Transom
  • Kevlar 49
  • No-Rot Unibody Construction
  • Explosive hole shot
  • Record-setting top speeds
  • Superior ride and handling

U.S. and Canadian Dealer for Allison Boats. Call us at 1 - 800 - 841 - 1163

Allison Boats - Bass, Sport and Race Boats
Leading the way for 50 years in state of the art marine dynamics, Allison Boats have won more races and set more records than all other boat brands combined. Allison Boats have shaped the performance boating market with numerous innovations. These innovations include the cupped propeller, hydraulic trim, offset jackplate, patented efficient hull design, No-Rot hull and the No-Rot aluminum reinforced transoms.
One key feature is the efficiency of the patented hull design, which will save money and cut the costs of ownership. An Allison Boat with less horse power will still run faster than other boats in the same class.

In summary, the Allison hull efficiency will...
1: reduce the up front cost of the engine. (50-100 less HP required)
2: reduce the maintenance costs on an engine that does not have to work as hard.
3: get double the gas mileage, even when compared with other boats with the same horse power.

If you would like to read more regarding the impeccable quality, design and history, please visit the the Allison Boats Website Web Site.

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U.S. and Canadian Dealer for Allison Boats. Call us at 1 - 800 - 841 - 1163

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